Anonymous asked:

I really like your post about humanity but sincerely the attributes you speak of are nothing foreign to a Christian. You act like one and love like one. The thing is society tells you it's nothing but a hateful and controlling God. That is not the case. He basically wants us to do what your doing. In fact your a great example of a good follower and ironically you don't believe. That's something. Now I must ask, why don't you believe in God?

ayomxmuzix answered:

As for the Christian thing, I personally like listening to inspirational music, some of which happen to be Christian songs because they are hopeful and uplifting.

However, I can remove myself from what I want to feel and what I know. I’ve read a couple books on evolution and I have seen some snippets of the bible. The books on evolution make sense to me because they make logical sense and are backed up by evidence. The bits I’ve read from the bible are sometimes illogical and immoral.

Like for instance, one of the ten commandments is ‘don’t work on Sunday’. While at the time there was gender inequality and slavery. Wouldn’t an all knowing being have the foresight or even ordinary sight see that how women and slaves are treated is wrong. But he decides that not working on Sunday is more important. Can you imagine a world where in the bible it actually said ‘don’t have slaves’ and ‘treat women equally’. It wouldn’t have taken over a millennium for women and slaves to be treated as people.

To me that points to an obvious manipulation of the bible by people of power to control those who believe with their ears and not their mind.

I don’t believe in God like I don’t believe that Superman exists. Because I have no proof of their existence. Would I like Superman to exist? Hell yeah. But will I ignore that multitude of evidence against an actual Superman to believe Superman exist? No that’s illogical.

I believe in being moral because as society we are better off together than as individual beings. That to do good for the people around you will result in good in your life.

I don’t need God to be a good moral person.